Wednesday, November 15, 2006

She can deny all she wants...

... but we stand behind our story!

"So i gain a little bit of weight, and i'm accused of having a gastric bypass surgery reversed? Its pathetic of Page Six to insinuate i have done this. Anyone that knows anything about this surgery would know that legally, you must be AT LEAST 100 pounds overweight to even have the surgery done, and is a serious, life changing procedure; not one to throw around as a joke or a rumor. Ive given a statement I am in the process of putting on weight, and that should be enough. Its a shame to hear that instead of hearing supportive words, someone needs to spin it into some negative, absurd way."

1) why is she concluding that the blind item on PageSix was about her? (presumptuous...?!) This seems like a hell of a lot to say about something that's not true!2

2) this wouldn't be the first time someone in Hollywood has done something ridiculously stupid and dangerous for the sake of their looks so that really ISN'T an argument, Nicole - money buys everything where you come from!!! (well, maybe not a complete ticket out of Fugland, but in your case, close)


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